Why Every Chiropractor is Unique and 7 Things You Should Look For While Picking One.

Frustrated by so many to choose from?

Especially when you don't understand what half of them do and if it is right for you?

1) They Do What They Say

You came to get help and get custom chiropractic care- make sure you leave with that!“.

There is always a sour taste in your mouth when you have someone who has used the bait and switch on you.

If any professional has described and offered a service, they should adhere to the offer. Don’t get sucked in by gimmicks- you came to get help and get custom chiropractic care- make sure you leave with that!

If they meet the criteria of “doing” what they say, they need to be asking what your goals are. When they ask you your goals, listen to what they say and how they will meet your goals.

Objective Measures- this is the “Gold Standard.” Your chiropractor should be monitoring your progress and SHOWING you the results. Pre and Post X-rays to show you are on the right path, postural photos..etc.

BONUS: Look for a NUCCA, EPIC, or AO doctor- they will have the objective measures you’re looking for.


2) Quality Customer Service

Don’t sit in a drab boring office“.

Your experience matters, from the greeting to waiting to the adjustment it is your right to expect excellent customer service.  Don’t sit in a drab boring office with uncomfortable chairs or deal with rude staff.


3) Payment Options

..automatic monthly payments…“.

Keep it simple and keep it quick! The best satisfied patients in alternative healthcare report some sort of automatic monthly payments. This helps spread the costs of care that is vital to your health and isn’t a burden on your pocket. We also noticed it also helps as a reminder to keep on top of your appointments (health).

BONUS: Saves your time- also, less time you have to spend pulling your card out.


4) Appointment Times


They respect your time- no long appointments if you don’t need it, the last thing you need is a time waster!

They keep your appointments- no random cancellations, rare we know, but we have heard it.


5) Technique

This is the most confusing for anyone who isn’t a chiropractor.

There are many techniques and each doctor has their own flair. While I can write an entire book about the differences, the best way to find if that technique can help you is to call and ask.

There are techniques for everyone. You may not like getting your neck cracked. Prefer going to a specialist? e.g. migraines, headaches, hormonal imbalances, sports performance. These are some of the preferences that people have when choosing a chiropractor

TIP: LOOK FOR an upper cervical (upper neck) specific chiropractor. They tend to get the best postural and neurological changes for the whole body.


6) They don't need to adjust you every visit

Find a doctor that knows when and when to not adjust you.

Yes it is a thing. Your dentist doesn’t pull a tooth every visit even if your jaw hurts or not. Find a doctor that knows when and when to not adjust you. After two to three months of chiropractic care, you SHOULD be feeling better. Eventually having a monthly or bi-monthly checkup.

TIP: Add this question to when you call to find your perfect chiropractor. “Will I need to be adjusted every visit?” They should have an answer for you and an explanation. (After your body starts to maintain alignment you won’t need as many adjustments or visits)


7) Personalized care

..NUCCA Chiropractic is a great fit.

We leave this to the end…

Tailored solutions are what you need- everybody is unique and needs a customer care plan to them. The real secret is they should know the ACTUAL cause of your problem(s) and WHY it is unique to you.

A non-generic approach is best- that’s why we recommend a non-traditional approach. Your brain and nervous system needs more attention even when you don’t think so, which makes NUCCA Chiropractic a great fit.

Want more clarity with how chiropractic can help you and what steps to take? Give us a call- we would love to be your guide.


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Why Every Chiropractor is Unique and 7 Things You Should Look For While Picking One.

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