What is NUCCA Upper Cervical Care San Diego

The Benefits of NUCCA

Posture & Balance


Brain Function

Stress Resilience


Increase Sleep Quality

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NUCCA Helps to Normalize Posture, Allowing the Body to Stabilize the Rest of the Spine, Resulting in a Long-Term Spinal Recovery Solution

Upper Neck Misalignments can lead to | Headache Neck Pain Back Pain Shoulder Pain Hip Pain

You know the body compensates when it gets injured, what you don’t know is to what level is the body effected.

At Nimbus Brain & Spine we are trained to detect and correct how deeply rooted the problem is

Your Money Goes a Long Way!

Care is tailored and unique to every individual. Our patients enjoy making their money go as far as possible and that why we offer cash payment plans packed with plenty of benefits!

Our first phase of care last 3 months, life changing results take time, it is also happens to be the same amount of time for us to help re-wire your brain to body connection to help solve your problems. On average patients take about 15-18 visits in that time costing $2500-$2900, start to finish no hidden costs all your x-rays, exams, reports and more.


The Difference with NUCCA

View our simple 5-step process that will enable you to live your best life!


We begin with a phone conversation between you and the doctor to better understand what problem(s) you are experiencing and to determine if NUCCA is right for you.

*We find that people prefer to speak with the doctor regarding their concern(s).

NUCCA Assessment

If NUCCA is the right fit, we will schedule you into the clinic to complete the NUCCA assessment.

This involves a postural, neurological & spinal exam designed to trace your problem(s) back to the neck.

*We find that 90% of our patients, who complete the NUCCA assessment, have an underlying neck misalignment causing their spinal problem(s).


f we find that your spinal problem(s) are stemming from your neck, we will proceed with 3 x-ray images of your neck (side, front & top) to see the exact position of the head and neck bones.

The images are measured down to 1/10th of a degree using advanced spinal software which will calculate a series of numbers, specific to you, showing us exactly how to correct your misalignment.

NUCCA Correction

The NUCCA Correction is performed just below the ear, directed at the top bone in the neck, the atlas.

It is safe & gentle.

There is NO twisting, popping, thrusting or clicking of the neck.

Continuation with Care

A spinal exam is performed, again, to confirm the correction. To verify the correction, 2 post x-rays (front & top) are taken, measured and compared to your first set of images. Your correction is tracked and monitored for ~3 months to ensure proper stability and recovery.

We Don't Just Care About Spines. We Care About YOU.

Empowering people with the knowledge and experience of their true potential creates confidence and trust in oneself.


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