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The #1 Reason Why Your Back Pain Is Being Overlooked:


The #1 Reason Why Your Back Pain Is Being Overlooked:

It is coming from a place you least expect it, the number one reason your back pain is being overlooked is explained below.

We understand your pain and frustration.

You’d love to find a safe, long-term solution, so you can get to enjoying your life without being limited by pain.

We’re completely with you on that.

Have you been told you need massage, ice/heat, physical therapy/exercise, chiropractic, or even medication?.

You’ve likely tried multiple solutions, yet the results left you frustrated.

Fed up with your back pain?

You can specifically treat the low back area for years, but may only experience temporary relief until you detect and correct the root cause of the problem.

In our experience, most back problems are actually an underlying neck problem in disguise.

“But my back hurts, not my neck . . .” is the most common response we hear from our patients.

Although you may not feel pain in your neck, it’s extremely likely that when your underlying neck problem is corrected, your back problem will also correct.

Here’s why:

Overlooked back pain

There are many questions we could ask but these questions are the most common.

Learn more about the difference with NUCCA here.

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The #1 Reason Why Your Back Pain Is Being Overlooked…

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