San Diego CA Upper Cervical Chiropractic Testimonials

Hear How Nimbus Brains & Spine has helped our community..

Under the care of Dr. Soham, I have experienced a tremendous positive shift in the way I am able to live my life. The precise care he has provided me has taken away the pain of migraines that I suffered for a great portion of my life, and my shoulder pain, which was exacerbated by my job as a nurse. I would certainly encourage his care and this investment in yourself.

Himali P.

Nimbus Health Patient

I struggled with pain in my neck and hip, it was difficult to manage when playing and practicing. After introducing Dr. Soham to my team, I'm out of pain and my performance is on the rise both in the gym and on the course.

Ryan M.

Nimbus Performance Patient

This place is professional, but flexible. More important, Dr. Soham will deliver on any results he promises. I had an upper cervical injury and his work has greatly improved not only my neck, but my overall health. He is the real deal and I would recommend him to anyone struggling with the same injury.

Emily I.

Nimbus Health Patient