One Appointment That Saves You More Time than it Takes, Here’s Why?

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One Appointment That Saves You More Time than it Takes, Here’s Why?

So being pain free and healthy is no longer a priority for you? Struggling to find time to for your health is a common scapegoat for the truth that health is not a priority.

Time” isn’t your problem

Preventive and maintenance care takes less time for a few reasons.

1. Appointment Times & Wait Times

With a plan, you can get more done in daily living. One of the worst feelings is showing up to an appointment you pre-booked and having to wait past your slot.

Visit TypeAppointment TimeWait Time
Massage Therapist45-60 Mins0-5 Mins
Chiropractor10-15 Mins0-5 Mins*
Medical Doctor15-20 MinsPrivate: 24 mins+**

Urgent Care: 2+ Hrs**

*Patient wait times were taken from the Nimbus Brain & spine Center


NUCCA Chiropractic looks at the brain and spine- finding the unique way in which your brain communicates with your body. Checking the nervous system doesn’t take longer than 5-7 mins. Correcting for any miscommunication takes twice as long. 14 mins out of your day to prevent and maintain health isn’t your excuse, is it?We will save how many appointments you need for another day, remember when you’re sick it isn’t ONE trip.
TIP: If your massage therapist, medical doctor or chiropractor… etc. has a bit of bad luck due to scheduling one time, that is ok. If it happens every visit its not so much bad luck, look for a NEW PROVIDER

2. Pain = Time Wasted

Add up all the hours you have spent in pain.

How many of those hours in pain stopped you from doing something?



“How do you know your Nervous system is happy and healthy?”


If you were like one of my patients that has no pain, I couldn’t be happier for you. I, however, do have a question for you.

How do you know you know that your nervous system is happy and healthy?

Anything that stops you from achieving what you want is burning your invaluable time.

TIP:Earn more money by taking less time time off from work. Double up and get a raise by being a a more focused employee who gets results!

3. Now vs. Later

“NUCCA chiropractic in 3 months does wonders.”

Neglecting your health is like that interest on your loans-it builds up over time, hitting you the worst in the end. Trying to fix the problems built up over years through continuous visits to the doctor’s office is tough.  Spending 3 months now to get back on track makes sense. NUCCA chiropractic in 3 months does wonders. Even better- the maintenance after is simpler, easier, and hassle free. It makes it a joy to look after yourself!

4. Longevity

MYTH-BUSTED: you can have quantity and quality. Yes, you get more quality years if you look after yourself. It isn’t a groundbreaking idea, it is the truth.

“Years added to your life in ways you didn’t expect.”

NUCCA chiropractic is a safe long term solution that provides patient longevity, years added to your life in ways you didn’t expect.  NUCCA’ s ability to help manage blood pressure and cardiovascular health keeps your ticker ticking smoothly.

See if NUCCA can help you or the ones you love.
Schedule a consultation on us. We don’t just care about spines, we care about you.


Empowering people with the knowledge and experience of their true potential creates confidence and trust in oneself.

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