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UC Foundation & Exploration Series

Hear what our students have to say about this 1-day powerhouse event!

The Crucible- Intro

Hear how In 2 days we learn how we bring all the foundational knowledge together to start forging world class NUCCA Doctors

Unraveling Muscle Imbalances

We love hosting workshops for our patients to get insight to their health and how they can make a difference today!

Events are updated monthly!

You must be in school or a practicing Doctor of Chiropractor to attend our “hands-on” workshops


We do not offer refunds for seminars or events, however we offer NBS credit to one of our future events! In extenuating circumstances our team will reach out to find the best resolution.

All events are recorded 


Empowering people with the knowledge and experience of their true potential creates confidence and trust in oneself.


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