Meniere's Disease and NUCCA

Meniere’s Disease is a really frustrating problem that can cause tinnitus (ringing you hear in your ears), vertigo, and hearing loss as well. 

Unfortunately, symptoms of Meniere’s Disease can last for several hours.

NUCCA can help tremendously with Meniere’s Disease. 

How does Meniere's Disease Relate to your Spine?

When the top bone of your spine, also known as your atlas, is not in alignment, there can be an issue with signals not being able to be properly sent down your spinal cord- which can lead to health issues including Meniere’s Disease. 

Why NUCCA is the Solution to Meniere's Disease.

There is no “cracking, “twisting”, or “popping” with NUCCA. We use the x-rays that we take to create a very specific plan tailored just for you. NUCCA is a precise technique which allows for a gentle correction of your misalignments to reduce or dissipate symptoms of Meniere’s Disease.

Once we are able to take those precise x-rays on you, we can adjust you and start you on the tailored care plan mentioned above to help reduce or dissipate the symptoms. 

I Want to Help

I have cared for many patients with Meniere’s Disease and know how it can affect your day-to-day life.

I want to help make a difference in your life and help you get to a point where you are seeing a significant change in the symptoms and are on the path to living pain free- not worrying about your Meniere’s Disease. 

So now you know..

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