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Woman with jaw pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia and NUCCA​

There are a few triggers of trigeminal neuralgia, as research has found, including, but not limited to: chewing, touching the exacerbated side, and even smiling or doing daily activities of life such as brushing and flossing your teeth.
NUCCA is able to give an option to not only manage these symptoms, but help your brain and nervous system get “in better contact” more effectively to, in some cases, eliminate the problem altogether.

woman with low back pain

Exposing 4 Back Pain Myths​

You spend hours every night sleeping on your mattress year after year.
To not think that it would not affect your spine health is absurd.
A poorly designed mattress is prone to put stress on your body and your spine.
When you get a mattress that is able to not get your body stuck in the different folds of the mattress, for one, you’ll get a more restful sleep and in turn, you’re giving your body time to recover from the daily stressors of your life.