Exposing Back Pain Myths

"You won't get back pain if you're thin" MYTH 1

This is false!

You are absolutely still able to have back pain for a variety of reasons regardless of if you are thin or not.

You are, however, still more susceptible to back pain when you are overweight. 

"Your mattress does not matter" MYTH 2

You spend hours every night sleeping on your mattress year after year. 

To not think that it would not affect your spine health is absurd.

A poorly designed mattress is prone to put stress on your body and your spine.

When you get a mattress that is able to not get your body stuck in the different folds of the mattress, for one, you’ll get a more restful sleep and in turn, you’re giving your body time to recover from the daily stressors of your life. 

"Lifting weights can lead to back pain" MYTH 3

When you start exercising, you are very likely to get sore and have some extent of muscle pain in your body.

Your body starts the process of rebuilding the micro-tears in result to make your muscles larger. 

Getting a chiropractor that understands the whole technique of lifting weights can help tremendously. When your body starts to adjust to the proper workouts, your muscles will become stronger and pain will reduce significantly. 

"Sitting up straight will eliminate back pain" MYTH 4

When you are constantly sitting up straight, you’re putting your body in position to strain the muscles of your back, legs, neck, and so forth.

There are some chairs that are designed for you to be able to sit upright, but still support the natural curve of your spine. When you are sitting on a chair that does not conform to the body type you have, you’re putting your body in a position to have to put pressure and strain on the nerves it comes in contact with. 

So now you know..

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