A Revolutionary kind of Chiropractic- One that doesn't crack your neck!

Looking for a chiropractor who doesn't crack necks?

NUCCA is your answer.

Even though there is no harm or risk when a trained chiropractor adjusts your neck, you need a specialist. Want to Find out more about what NUCCA Chiropractic is here


NUCCA chiropractors are your specialist;

What is NUCCA?

We have another page that goes into what NUCCA care is. Here we are going to be your guide to understanding why you need a chiropractor who doesn’t crack your neck

Gentle Specific Chiropractic

NUCCA chiropractic works so well because of its analysis.


Using the latest low dose X-ray techniques. Measuring the brain’s communication (neurology) to the entire body. Looking at the unique traumas that relate to how your body compensates over time.


All this is what allows a NUCCA chiropractor to do the math and use the physics of your body to adjust your ENTIRE body from your neck. NO CRACKING simple as that, the specific correction to your spine helps align your whole spine and body.


Benefits of NUCCA

Ever had brain fog? Felt sluggish? Know you can perform better but don’t know what the missing link is?


The list of benefits of NUCCA may go on; they all come from one major reason. When the top bones in your spine shift and move they cause long term damage.


Your brain sits very close to the upper neck, this is why so many things can go wrong in the body. Even when you don’t feel bad YET or feel healthy it can take time to feel the effects.


When you have a specialist check your upper neck you are not leaving your health to time and chance!


Correcting the misaligned bones in the neck doesn’t take long. NUCCA has shown that  monthly check-ups may even prevent certain neurological problems.



A Revolutionary kind of Chiropractic- One that doesn't crack your neck!

What's holding you back?

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